Some say that the meaning of life, is put simply to do God’s work.  What exactly is God’s work however is often difficult to comprehend or even identify, just as difficult and impossible to identify as the existence of a God.  Others say that it’s to achieve union with God, but what exactly is God?

Whilst some people are sure that there is a God, some people swear blind that there isn’t one and that we’re the result of randomness dictated by physical laws.  I have some sympathy with this view and can see how easily it comes about though am convinced that it’s quite wrong.  The fact is that everyone has a different view of reality, a different vantage point to look at it from and as such everyone is entitled to form different conclusions.  The human being is a threefold being, every person on planet earth is made up of three components.  A material body, a psychic body and a spark of elemental spirit.   Each of us uses these three components to differing degrees, and as such we fall into three distinct classes of person.

  1. Materialists
  2. Psychics
  3. Spirituals

Materialists are important people, they experience life through their material senses first and foremost and are quite fond of physical things, like physical activity, sports, practical crafts and skills such as making things.  They tend to see the universe as a collection of solid things and understand that all matter makes up a glorious whole.  They also tend to like nice things and enjoy their comforts.

Psychics tend to rely heavily on the senses attached to their psychic body, they tend to intuitively understand the natural energies of people, places and events around them whilst manipulating them.  Sometimes this is consciously done, other times a psychic may not be aware of their manipulation, they might just consider themselves to be extremely lucky or well blessed as the important things in life just tend to go their way.  For the purposes of this book, we should understand that when talking about psychics we are not necessarily talking about clairvoyants and sooth sayers although some psychics naturally follow these paths and excel at them.

Spirituals or more accurately ‘searchers’ are the people that live through their spirit, at an intuitive unconscious level the bulk of their activity is dedicated towards spiritual discovery and unification with God, whatever they perceive God to be.  Spirituals tend to be natural philosophers and scientists, explorers and discoverers of new things.  They also tend to be artistic and great expressors of the creative forces which can often times make them feel like they are engaging with God (if they believe in God) in the act of creation.

Needless to say that any one person is a combination of all three aspects no one can be one hundred percent spiritual, material or psychic, but in every person one aspect will dominate.

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