Death has no loopholes. All of us must meet it in the


We go through the same motions in the same old place.

No measure

Of added life will ever coin for us a novel pleasure.

True, while we lack that which we long for, it is an


But we will just crave something else once it’s in our


We are forever panting with an unquenched thirst for


No one knows what the years to come will bring – what

joy or strife

May lie in store for us, what outcome’s looming in our


But by adding to life, we don’t diminish by one jot

The length of death, nor are we able to subtract instead

Anything to abbreviate the time that we are dead.


Though you outlive as many generations as you will,

Nevertheless, Eternal death is waiting for you still.

It is no shorter, that eternity that lies in store

For the man who with the setting sun today will rise no


Than for the man whose sun has set, months even years,



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