The Experience and the Expression of God

There’s only being in the universe and you are a part of it.  The great totality of all things, the Universe.  You are all things and all things are a part of you.

You made from the same stuff as the universe and the universe is the body of God.

You are like a fish that swims through the whole ocean.  How can the fish be separate to the ocean?  It’s water flows through it, enriches every part of it, saturates it’s entire body.  Yet somehow we see this beautiful sea creature as separate to the ocean.  In this metaphor, the ocean is the body of God and you swim within it like a fish.  It’s an unavoidable fact that you are part of the universe, the universe is a part of God and therefore you too are a part of God.

Are you not saturated by the space that surrounds you?  Does it not flow though you and around you?  The cosmic ocean is abundant with all sorts of things that move within it.  It sustains you and enriches you, it’s the essential framework for all life, allowing you to spring forth out of the universe like a flower springs forth from the earth.  Is the flower separate to the earth when the flower depends upon the earth for it’s entire existence?  Without the flower the earth would have no expression and that would be an impossibility, because it’s not an experience and if you cannot experience anything you can’t express anything either.

You see, the meaning of life and not just human life, is to keep on experiencing it and expressing your inner nature.  By expressing your inner nature and revealing to the cosmos what it is to be you, you are then also expressing the nature of God within the universe, because we all know from all spiritual and religious sources that God is infinite in both expression and experience.  Truly omnipotent.  Truly complete.  Truly you!   Let’s hammer this point in some more.  You are God!

It’s not important what you do or how you experience it, only that you keep on doing it.  The soul is elated and stimulated when you try something new, or do something old in a new way, as new experience is an enrichment of the great ocean of spirit that we all swim within.  It’s enriching because doing something new allows you to express the great spirit that is God.

Expression is the other side of the coin of experience.  Just like light is the opposite of dark and the spirit is the opposite of the body it so follows that expression and experience are the different facets of the same thing. That thing being life itself.  The secrets to all things can be found in the duality of complementary opposites, night following day, age following youth, ying and yang, experience and expression…

So it follows that there can be no such thing as an experience or an expression of nothing or nothingness therefore death cannot exist.  God can’t express ‘nothing’ which is why all of creation is full of ‘something’.  It’s as unlimited as it’s beautiful. So when you die, the body may disappear putting an end to your experience of earthly life, however your vehicle of expression still remains and that’s what we call the soul…

What is the soul exactly, well it’s the real you, your quiet inner self that looks out upon the world through your senses and acts to motivate and engage you when you think that no-one else is watching.  It’s the unlimited part of you that all good ideas come from, all happiness and joy spring from the soul.  The soul is you.  It’s the real you, the best part of you, because it’s all that you are.   It’s your engine of experience and expression.  It’s you.  Your spirit..

This is why spirits are drawn to and like to assist creative people with their writing, musings, art or music or indeed anything that is an expression of their inner art.  If you want to see God and learn about spirits and the soul you don’t have to go far you can visit any art gallery and find out for yourself.  Though a better route to understanding is to go of and create your own art or to take part in a scientific endeavour.

Science truly is great, an earnest attempt to understand some more of the world that we live in is in essence an attempt to understand yourself, to reveal a little bit more of the grand mystery.  Scientists are often the most spiritual of people because they do what they love and they express their inner selves within their work.  This often times leads to new experiences for everyone else.  Blessed be the scientists!  The expression of secrets and hidden knowledge is good for the soul.

It’s a spiritual truth that we should avoid causing suffering, so be kind in your endeavours as the lab rat is also you and so is the bacteria in the petri dish.  All things, all entities are yet another expression of God and because you are God, they are also an expression of you.

This broad truth serves us well on so many different levels.  It explains why you should help the poor and the unfortunate, because in doing so you are helping yourself.

By helping the poor you quite literally enrich yourself, because there is no one else in the proverbial room.  Everywhere you look, all you can see is God, meaning that all you can see is yourself.  You are everyone and everything, but at the moment you get to experience all of these lives one at a time.

The grand consciousness of yourself that we traditionally see as God experiences them all at the sametime.  All people, all places, all events, all thoughts, all imaginations, all acts, all kindnesses, all barbarities, God and you, for you are one, experience them all.  It’s just the scale that is different!

You are the attacker and the victim, the soldier and the insurgent, the policeman and the criminal, the abuser and the abused.  At the very least this realisation should invite compassion, because in the house of god you are all the same because you are the same.   Harming another is to harm yourself.

In all of existence there is only one particle of matter, duplicated trillions of times, each duplication changes the energy slightly giving each particle a separate identity.  So it goes with souls.  One grand soul that comprises them all, expressed billions of times in billions of forms across all of creation.

Given that god is so unlimited and so omnipotent does it stand to reason that God should only provide one path to salvation?

Does it stand to reason that salvation even be required?

Of course not.  The reason why so many religions exist is because of law of universal expression, that the expression of God is unlimited and cannot be limited to just one path.

It’s an oxymoron, to accept that God is unlimited yet only offers one path to salvation!  Or that God can be unlimited, eternally compassionate and forgiving yet withholds salvation.

Everyone goes to heaven, because everyone is heaven.  Right now everyone is in heaven as well as upon the earth.  You are literally everywhere because you are everything.

You are God in miniature, a spirit that is part of a much greater spirit that encompasses all things and all spirits.

I bet you’ve never felt more powerful, or more happy.

Do god’s work and god will look after you and see to your needs, happiness becomes automatic when we all do what we were born to do and express our true nature to the cosmos.

That’s you in the chair, the old man in the retirement home, the young man hiking up the mountain, the young girl picking flowers, the dog in the kennel and the cow in the field, the grass beneath it’s mouth and the stars that twinkle up in the heavens.  It’s all you and you are beautiful.


  • Body, soul
  • Experience, expression
  • Limited, unlimited
  • Dark, light
  • Misery, joy
  • Fear, love
  • Physical, spiritual
  • Negative, positive

A spirit is an individual soul.  A fish in the cosmic ocean.

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