In response to repeated requests from our loyal readers we have the pleasure to announce that our first ever stoic compendium of articles is now available for download at Amazon.

All you need is a kindle and you have the entire archive of stoic articles from this site published within 2017 to 2019 delivered wirelessly to your device to read at your leisure.  You will also have the accrued virtue that comes with having helped us pay our bills at the Stand Up Philosophers.

Not only is it the ideal Christmas treat, but you can bask in the knowledge that this helps us out a lot.  We’ve seen a major increase in traffic since this site was first launched and have had to scale our hosting accordingly, none of which we mind too much as it’s all good.  We like the fact that this site is on the first page of Google and Bing for many philosophical topics, not just stoicism but it does come at a price, so if you could help us out by buying the occasional T-shirt from our spread-shirt/Zazzle store or by nipping across to amazon and downloading this compendium (which I hope will be the first of many such books and philosophical works to be presented for your enjoyment on Kindle) it will help us out in a big way and give you something nice in return.  We all need peace of mind more than ever in these tumultuous times, but easy to digest, quick to read coffee break inner peace is the best!

May you have many blessings and greatly enriched peace of mind in the best of stoic traditions in the coming years.

Comicus Muo, Epicurus of Albion – December 2020.


Direct download link :






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